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Gujarat offers many famous and interesting tourist spots. There are many cities in Gujarat which remains unnoticed in spite of being popular and famous. You must have heard about Bilimora city in Gujarat and want to know about the famous city. Then this article is your best resource. In this article we have tried to jot down all the important and interesting characteristics of Bilimora. Let us traverse through this article in order to know this small city situated in Gujarat.

About Bilimora

Glancing Bilimora

A popular and well known city Bilimora is located in the banks of the famous river Ambika in Gandevi Taluka n the district of Navsari in Gujarat. Bilimora is exactly 70 km away from Surat. Bilimora is one of the largest cities located in Gujarat. A naval station was established in Bilimora in 18th century by Baroda State. This port is located nearly 64km away from Surat. This port is one of the famous ports in Gujarat.

Geography of Bilimora

The latitude of Bilimora is 20 and the longitude is 72.  Bilimora is situated at an elevation of 13 feet above the sea level. In Navsari district Bilimora is the second largest city after Navsari city. Bilimora city is surrounded by three rivers in its sides. These rivers are namely Ambika, Kaveri and Karera.

Water Bodies in Bilimora

Once you visit Bilimora you can pay a visit to these riversides and experience the natural beauty of this place.

Culture and People of Bilimora

The majority of people residing in Bilimora are Gujarati. But there are migrants from South India and Maharashtra residing in Bilimora. There are few Parsi people residing in this part of the city. The Parsi crowd is not as significant as the others. A Street named “Agiyari Mahollo” in Bilimora city is inhabited by the Parsi crowd. Although Bilimora is in Gujarat but the city has a lot of cultural influence from its nearby city Mumbai which is only 220 km away from Bilimora. People residing in Bilimora often follow the lifestyle similar to those people residing in Mumbai.

Tourism in Bilimora

Bilimora is famous for the temples located in this city. Some of the famous temples located in this city are Somnath Mahadev Mandir, Shri Gayatri Mandir, Shri Jalaram Mandir, Ganga Mata Temple, Sikh Gurudwara and many more. Sai Mandir on the Somnath Road is a new addition to the list of temples in Bilimora.

Tourism in Bilimora

Saputara hill station which is 110 km away from Bilimora is another famous tourist spot. Gira Falls, Unai Hot Springs are the other popular hot spot tourist location in Bilimora. Unai is about 40 km away from Bilimora.

Industries in Bilimora

Have you ever heard about the Manchester of Gujarat? Well Bilimora was called as the Manchester of Gujarat. At present Bilimora is a residential area but in the past it was an industrial area. More than 35 companies used to have their headquarters in Bilimora. The famous LMP Company was situated in Bilimora and it was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Some of the other famous companies located in Bilimora are Gujarat Chemical, Woodpolymer, Paper mill and many more. The top 10 companies not only in Gujarat but also in India were situated in Bilimora.

Restaurants in Bilimora

When you visit Bilimora you must try out the famous restaurants in the city and taste the lip smacking Gujarati cuisines that they offer. This section of the article contains a list of all the restaurants located in Bilimora along with their address.

Vyanjan Restaurant

National Highway 360
Kakarakhadi, Navijivan Colony
Bilimora - 396321.
You can contact them at 9429 785 224. They are open every day from 11 am to 3 pm and from 6 pm to 11 pm.


National Highway 360
Kutchhi Friends Society
Bilimora - 396321. They are open from 9.30 am to 10 pm every day.

Nandi Restaurant

Shanti Nagar Twp
Bilimora - 396321. You can contact them at 02634 286 444. Restaurant is open from 5 am to 5 pm.

Transport in Bilimora

This city of Bilimora has a strong connection with all sorts of transports namely rail, road, air or sea. If you are travelling from Mumbai then it takes 3 hours to reach Bilimora by train and 4 hours to reach Bilimora by road. The nearby domestic airport to Bilimora is Surat airport and the nearby international airport to Bilimora is Mumbai airport. Bilimora Junction Railway Station is the nearby railway station in Bilimora.

Transport in Bilimora

The city is well connected to other places like Saputara, Surat, Pune, Valsad and many more. There are bus services available in this city. The state bus services are very useful for travelling. These bus services are available from anywhere in Gujarat and can lead you to the famous city Bilimora in Gujarat.

Where to Stay in Bilimora

When you visit Bilimora for spending some days in the beautiful city then you must know about the hotels where you can spend a comfortable night during your trip. In this section of the article we have mentioned about some of the hotels that ensures a comfortable stay during your trip to Bilimora.

Hotel Amardeep Inn

2nd Floor,
Bheravnath Market,
Nr.Gupta Hospital SV Patel Marg
Bilimora - 396321. You can contact them at 02634 279 111.

Hotel AnuKool

Near Petrol Pump
SH 15,
Near Railway Station Gohar Baug,
Railway Colony,
Bilimora - 363621. You can contact then at 02634 283 600.

Shivam Hotel

SH 15 Gohar Baug,
Sankalp Society
Bilimora - 396321.

Shopping Malls in Bilimora

When you visit a new city shopping is something you just cannot miss and if you are a shopaholic then you will find Bilimora a good place for shopping. In this section of the article you will get the names and address of some of the shopping malls in Bilimora.

SN Traders

Station Road,
Shanti Nagar Township
Bilimora  - 396321.
This shopping mall is open from 8.30am to 9pm.

Hospitals in Bilimora

Once you visit a new city you must take a note of the hospitals and medical help in case you need any of these while your trip. Once you have the hospital addresses near you, you can confidently enjoy your trip without any worry. Especially if you are traveling with your children you must take a note about the hospitals. This section of the article contains details on the hospitals located in Bilimora along with their addresses.

Shaishav Children Hospital

Triveni Society,
Maruti Nagar Society
Bilimora -396321.
You can contact them at 9825 389 525.

Desai Eye Hospital

Feeder Road,
Triveni Society,
Maruti Nagar Society
Bilimora - 396321
Contact number of this hospital is 02634 284 620.

Sneha Hospital

Gujarat State Highway
Krushnabaug Society,
Navijivan Colony
Bilimora -396321

Fact File of Bilimora

Best Time to Visit: October to December.
Languages Spoken: Gujrati and Hindi
Other Languages: Marwari and Marathi.
Dialling Code: +91
Pin Code: 396321
STD Code: 02634

We hope this article has given you enough details about Bilimora and encouraged you enough to visit this place. We hope to hear back from you after you visit to Bilimora mentioning about some of your experience in this beautiful city. Write back to us and let us know about your feedback.

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